Semliki National Park and hot springs 076

We continue alone into the Congo basin, we want to Semliki National Park. We have a small mountain ridge ahead with wonderful landscape, of which one has good views over the Congo basin. From here one can see into the Republic of Congo.

Semliki National Park
Semliki National Park with Congo Basin

A few kilometers later we reach the ranger station. We hire a guide who takes us to the hot springs. Immediately we spot Colobus monkeys.

Our Guide Semliki National Park
Our Guide

The Semliki Park consists ​​of genuine lowland rainforest, with tropical humid and very hot climate. Between 1997 and 2001 the park several times had to be closed to the public, because anti-government rebels were staying in the area and from there, attacked villages and settlements.

Therefore, prior to a trip to the Semliki, always check the latest security situation.

Hot Springs
Hot Springs

Finally we reached the hot springs and the hot steam can already be seen from far. With approximately 106 degrees Celsius, the water comes out of the ground, two springs are in the nature of geysers. Of course we are told the common story of boiling eggs in the springs which is said the people at the weekend come here for picnic and boil eggs.

Hot Springs
Hot Springs

To get a better overview, we climb a wobbly tower. Up from here, you can see far into the country and the steam of hot springs. The rest of the day, we relax on the nearby idyllic campsite.

Semliki National Park Campsite